5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile under 400 MB in 2021

5 best offline games like PUBG Mobile under 400 MB in 2021

#1 – ScarFall: The Royale Combat

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The gameplay of this title is extremely almost like PUBG Mobile, and battle royale enthusiasts will feel right reception . the sport features a great collection of vehicles that players can use to flee enemies.

Along with weapons, players also will find med-kits and energy drinks to survive within the battlefield. the sport allows players three chances to respawn during a match.

Size: 378 MB

#2 – Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

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The offline single-player campaigns of this game are definitely worth playing. The thrilling story mode of the title is split into 12 interesting chapters.

The game also provides its players an honest arsenal of weapons to kill enemies. Players also can participate within the new offline Virus Zombies event.

Size 278 MB

#3 – BattleOps

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Even though this game doesn’t fall into the battle royale genre, players will surely enjoy the extreme action. Gamers who enjoy sniping in PUBG Mobile will surely be into BattleOps.

There are many offline multiplayer maps that are offered by the sport . The story-based FPS missions also feature exciting gun fighting sequences.

Size: 303 MB

#4 – Modern Fire: Free Battle Royale & Shooting games

Image via Google Play

Set during a futuristic backdrop, this game features fascinating battle royale matches. the essential rules of the matches are an equivalent as that of PUBG Mobile.

Players can use cool weapons like laser katanas and pixel guns to kill enemies. the sport also offers cool skins that players can use to customize the looks of their characters.

#5 – Blood Rivals – Survival Battlegrounds FPS Shooter

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Players got to scour the battlefield for weapons and supplies as they did in PUBG Mobile. they will devour two guns, a primary and a secondary, to guard themselves from enemies.

From high-speed trains to helicopters, there are many vehicles that players can use to succeed in the safe zone in time. Players must also keep track of the ticking clock because the safe zone shrinks with time.

Size: 192 MB

Disclaimer:This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual’s choice to play one or the other according to his/her preference.

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