Best 4 Online Learning platform In india


byju’s the best online learning app in india . This is the most popular app for best learning .

Benefits of byju’s learning app

  • You can study anywhere any time .
  • It is the cheaper than than the tution classes.
  • Student can learn anytime anywhere with fun.
  • We can learn by best class professor and teachers.
  • Students across classes 4 to 10 can attend and learn from byjus classes for one month’s at just Rs 2,000

What is special about byju’s ?

Byju’s learning app launched in August 2015.

Now contribute 90% to its earnings the app gives original content ,live classes,live practical,and live mock test , animation and interactive simulation that help students grasp thing easily and in a fun way


The best app for online learning it is the famous plateform for learning.

Benifits of vedantu online learning app

  • Easily learn anytime and anywhere .
  • In vedantu online tution you will decide how much time you want to invest in learning.
  • The course are made as per the curriculum.
  • The teacher make sure their students don’t feel any extra load while learning.
  • Vedantu online learning app gives notes,live classes , live practical,mock test,for students.

what js the use of vedantu app ?

Vedantu online learning app is an Indian interactive online tutoring platform where teacher provide tuition to students over the internet .

Does vednatu app take money ?

Vedantu will collect the course fees from students at the time of the enrollment request.vedantu will collect the course fees pursuant to the payment tearms.

Is vedantu is good for online learning.

They offer various learning materials and other interesting content for students that can help them learn in better way.


Meritnation is good for online study . Meritnation provide live classes study material, animation video sloved sample paper for all exams like jee,neet etc and give ncert solutions textbook solutions ……

Benifit of Meritnation online study

  • Save times save money effort.
  • It save your time as you do not have travel long distance for online tution or other study center .
  • It save a lots of money as you can get services form major study portals for a very nominal fee.
  • Accurate and excat information about study material .
  • Large amount of information available about study .

What is the cost of Meritnation online study?

Board exam +2 year JEE/NEET live with tablet —— Rs 42,990/-

Board exam +2year JEE/NEET live ——- Rs 39,990/-

Board exam +commerce studies live with tablet ——– Rs 24,990/-

Board exam +PCMB live with tablet —— Rs 24,990/-


Udemy is an online learning and teaching and teaching marketplace with over 130000 course and 35 million students learn programming, marketing etc……

Benifit of udmey course.

  • Discount and low cost course…….
  • Extension cource offering dwarf competition….
  • Instructor and students feedback…
  • Tie-lns with instructor’ external service…..
  • Ability to test drive.

Are Udemy course helpful ?

First ,the variety of course is amazing.No other online course platform comes close to offering as many course on as many subjects..

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