Woo Badge Designer v3.0.2 – Badges for WooCommerce Products

Woo Badge Designer v3.0.2 the foremost functional badge plugin on the market! Insert unique and crowd pleasing icons (like Discount, Offer, Sale, New, Hot, Trending, etc.) into the merchandise listing on your WooCommerce site and add more appeal to your products. Invite more results in your website and increase your sales by up to 55%.

Woo Badge Designer v3.0.2

WooCommerce Product badge Designer WordPress Plugin

Woo Badge Designer is that the perfect WordPress plugin to convert virtual WooCommerce sale badges into more attractive badge designs. This advanced plugin helps you add text labels, images, and icons to your products in no time. The tags which will be added through this plugin are very helpful when there’s any sale, discount, special features, or unique product information.

You can create unlimited badges, add countdown stickers, try different bar positions, and customize almost anything with Woo Badge Designer. and therefore the neatest thing is that it fully integrates with the WooCommerce interface.

Also, the cherry on top is that the plugin gives you full liberty to possess a singular badge with a definite style in each product. So, what are you waiting for? an excellent product display with attractive badges is simply a couple of clicks away for you!

Woo Badge Designer v3.0.2 Features;

  • Create Unlimited Badges with 60+ Badges Design
    • 30 predefined text background templates
    • 30+ predefined image background templates
  • Add auto calculated percentages or $ price discount off badges according to sales price for all the products.
  • Set text, icons or both on badges
  • Set Countdown timer on badges
    • Set Expiry time for timer
    • 10 pre-design timer templates
    • Full customization of timer color and position
    • Configure option to disable the badge after the count down expiry time
  • Badges customizability
    • Color Customization option for title,background,timer,tooltip
    • Customize font size of badge label
    • Enable or disable the custom color
  • Badges tooltips or short information on hover
  • Set multiple badges on each product according to six different positions
  • Override WooCommerce default badges with the latest badges in the single product page
  • Six different badges position
  • Live Preview-See your changes happening live as you create your badges

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